Joomla 3 Support Ending Soon: What to Do Before Your Support Expires

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Joomla 3 Support Ending

Joomla 3 is the latest version of Joomla, and it’s the most popular web content management system in the world. With so much popularity, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Joomla 3 support is ending soon. The good news is that you can still use Joomla 3 indefinitely! Here are some tips on what to do before your support expires and which platform to migrate your site to.

What do I need to know about Joomla 3 support end?

Joomla 3 will be the last version to receive official support and updates from the Joomla creators. This means that any bugs or security issues that come up in this version of Joomla will go unaddressed by the developers.

This won’t happen until 2020, so you have some time before your site stops receiving updates and security patches. You can use this time to plan for migration, or if you don’t want to migrate, you can keep using Joomla 2 with support until 2020!

What Platform Should I Migrate My Site To?

There are many platforms you can migrate to after your Joomla 3 support expires. The most popular platforms are WordPress and Drupal, which are also two of the best CMSs to build your site with.

However, Joomla 4 is proven to be an extremely competitive upgrade compared to new websites like WordPress and Drupal.

When will the support end

Joomla 3 support will end on August 17, 2023. The Joomla team has announced that all users will have to migrate to Joomla 4 before that time to continue being supported for malware and software fixes.

Should you change to WordPress or Joomla 5?

As Joomla 3 support starts to expire, you may be thinking about changing your platform. If you’re not sure which platform you should migrate to, your best bet is WordPress.

WordPress is the most popular CMS (content management system) in the world. It has over 20 million users and powers 29% of all websites. The open-source platform offers a variety of plug-ins that will allow you to customise your site with ease.

You may also want to consider migrating to Joomla 4 if your site focuses on eCommerce or other advanced features that are not available on WordPress, or for custom development and applications which require better freedom. You could use the Joomla! Marketplace to find helpful extensions that are compatible with this CMS. If you want to learn more about the interface and features click here


With the release of Joomla 5, we are excited to join the latest in the Joomla family. However, we know that many of our customers still use Joomla 3 and we want to make the transition as smooth as possible.

That is why we will continue to offer support and security updates for Joomla 3 until the end of life, and then we will start our support for Joomla 5. You can find migration tips in our blog post or contact us to help you with your migration needs.

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