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When it comes to building and developing a website, in order for you and your business to stand out from the crowd, you will need to have resources such as Photos, videos, Icons, Mail Signups and CMS platforms that will help you build a brand.

These Resources can take months – years to build up and if you’re a New Zealand business just starting out, then we have a few resources to help you create a beautiful website that presents professionally to your audience. See our 5 Free Resources below:

1. Stock Images – Unsplash.

Photography is an extremely hard thing to get right, and most stock images from places like Envato and Istock can set you back $100 to $1000. For a good selection of high-quality images which are free to use for business and personal purposes, Check out unsplash.com

2. Stock Video – Pexels

Similar to Unsplash, Pexels is a community-based free stock video website. here you will be able to find free commercially licensed stock videos to add to your website. find out more at pexels.com.

3. Iconify, FontAwesome

A good way to make your NZ Business website appear more professional and help your users understand the services/messages you’re portraying I always recommend using Icon sites such as FontAwesome, or Iconify.

4. I Love image

Did you know that having oversized images on your website can negatively affect your SEO search results? Having a page with oversized images can cause load times to dramatically fall, which in turn will affect your organic Google, Bing & other search engine rankings. Before uploading images upload and scale your images using iloveimg.com we recommend to keep image sizes as small as possible and never have an image over 1920px wide.

5. Grammarly

Spelling mistakes on websites often come off as unprofessional and can be noticed by other businesses, while it can sometimes help with your SEO when others spell words incorrectly often it will affect the readability of your website. Grammarly is a simple tool that automatically scans your posts and brings up simple spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

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