K2 UPDATE Joomla 4/5 (version 2.11) and more!

K2 Joomla 4 Update 2023

Version 2.11 of K2, Continuous Releases, Joomla 4 and Additional Features

The newest version of K2, v2.11, is ready to be downloaded for Joomla versions 1.5 to 3.x. This release has incorporated new features, enhanced existing features, and solved numerous bugs. Additionally, it is now compatible with PHP 8.

Are you curious to learn more about Joomla 4? If so, keep reading!

To start off with…

To get K2 going on your website, whether it’s the first time or you’re updating an existing version, the latest package is available here: https://github.com/getk2/k2/archive/master.zip

Updating K2 is a straightforward task. If you are using Joomla 1.5, simply download the zip file from the link and install it over your present version of K2. For Joomla 2.5 and 3.x, go to the Joomla update manager, clear the update cache, check again, and the new release will be available for immediate updating.

What’s the latest feature of this release?

K2 v2.11 comes with a variety of noteworthy enhancements, modifications, and updates. To offer a better overview, these can be grouped into the categories below:


  • K2 Tools has added a new “Selected Tags” feature. This provides the ability to produce a popular or trendy style tags menu for the frontend. An example of this can be seen in the “Trending” section of this website.
  • There are also new meta tags for Twitter sharing and tag/user listings.
  • The user gender option has been augmented with an “Not specified” option.

The use of augmented reality has grown significantly in recent years, with its reach expanding into various industries and aspects of everyday life. It has become increasingly more commonplace and its applications are now being utilised in many areas. This technology has created new opportunities, allowing people to interact with digital content in an immersive way. Augmented reality has revolutionised how people experience the world and it is expected to be an integral part of the future.

A new study has determined that when it comes to creating a healthier lifestyle, the little changes that we make can have a huge impact. Results of the study showed that making small alterations in one’s diet or exercise routine can lead to major health improvements. The research demonstrated that even small modifications can add up and result in a much healthier lifestyle.


In General terms:

  • PHP 8 is fully supported. However, it’s important to note that if you transition your site to this version of PHP, there may be some slight issues if your HTML templates have not been updated. These problems can usually be solved quickly by comparing the lines in your template overrides with the default K2 overrides.
  • A lot of code has been cleaned up, and various PHP notices and warnings have been fixed and improved.

The attention of the world has been increasingly focused on the need for sustainability. This is due to the unprecedented strain being put on natural resources, leading to a need to find solutions that will preserve the environment for future generations. As a result, there is a heightened sense of urgency to adopt practices that support sustainability.

The use of mobile phones has become an integral part of our daily lives. We rely on these devices for a variety of tasks, from communication to entertainment. Our dependence on them makes them an essential component of our lives. Consequently, it is undeniable that the prevalence of cell phones has made a major impact on our society.

The ubiquity of mobile phones is undeniable and they have become a crucial part of our lives. From communication to entertainment, we depend upon these devices to carry out a variety of tasks. Therefore, it is clear that they have had a considerable impact on our culture.

Route mapping of URLs is something that can be done to simplify the navigation of a website. It involves taking the URLs used throughout the site and assigning them to particular locations that can be easily accessed by users. This way, the navigation of the site is made much easier.

  • Enhancing the K2 URL routing even more.
  • Automatically take the menu item with the highest ID which links to all K2 categories as the substitute (root) menu item for tags, users etc. This way, URLs with “/component/k2/” prefixes for tags & users can be avoided.

The way in which we communicate has drastically shifted in the past few years due to the advances of technology. With new applications and devices, the way we talk to one another has evolved significantly. Nowadays, it is much easier to stay connected with people all around the world, as opposed to how it used to be.

The amount of energy used by humans has grown significantly in recent years. A jump in energy utilisation has been witnessed, with human beings consuming far more energy than before. This rise in energy consumption has brought about several negative consequences, such as increased emissions of greenhouse gases and a heightened risk of climate change.


Components are the building blocks of a module, which is a complete set of distinct, connected elements. A module can be thought of as a self-contained unit that contains all of the necessary parts for a particular purpose. Modules can be used to create larger, more complex systems, such as a computer system or a robotic system.

  • K2 Content: Fixed the issue with the “today” filter not working properly in Joomla 3.x.
  • K2 Tools: Included an option to toggle fields in J3.x, making it much easier to select the desired option when editing a module.
  • K2 Tools: Revised the PHP code rendering process when using the “custom code” option, eliminating the need for temporary files.
  • Set the hidden “cachemode” XML option to “static” by default on all K2 modules, resulting in improved caching in Joomla 3.x.
  • Removed the pre-specified cache time (in seconds) from all K2 modules.

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The amount of energy that is produced from the burning of fossil fuels is tremendous; however, this energy comes at a cost. The emissions released from the burning are damaging to the environment, leading to global warming and climate change. Therefore, it is important to switch to renewable energy sources in order to reduce the harm done to the planet.

The work of a Frontend Developer involves creating the visual elements of a website or web application. They develop the interface that users interact with and ensure that the product is both visually appealing and functional.

  • The profile register/edit pages now offer the choice of either using a WYSIWYG or plain text editor.
  • The “robots” meta tag has been extended with “max-image-preview:large”, which is taken advantage of by Google Discover for large image previews.
  • The K2 Settings component has a new option to control the Twitter sharing card layout, with the option of a small image with text on the right or a large image with text at the bottom.
  • The meta tags “description” & “keywords” utilised in tag & user (author blog) views have been improved to yield better preview titles in Google search results.
  • More data is now available for the previous/next item navigation, giving the ability to create image based blocks with a title & introtext below the K2 item content, instead of just plain text links.
  • The item navigation can now honor either the default category ordering (by item ID) or explicit (custom) ordering (as set in each K2 category). Further ordering criteria (such as date, alphabetical, etc.) will be added at a later update.
  • A reCaptcha/Mootools JS patch has been added for Joomla 1.5 & 2.5.

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The idea that technology has advanced to a point where it can be used to create artificial intelligence is a concept that has been around for decades. For a long time, the feasibility of this idea seemed elusive, but it is now a reality. As technology continues to evolve, the potential for AI to be used to develop new products and services is increasing. Consequently, the use of AI is becoming more widespread in numerous industries.

Using labels is a great way of organising and categorising data. It allows users to quickly and easily identify the information they are looking for. Labeling data can also help when it comes to searching and sorting. Utilising tags can make it simpler to find and access the information you need.

  • When a tag is either deleted or never created, the site will redirect to its homepage. This same solution applies to the tag’s feed and json output, which is great for avoiding any indexing issues with popular search engines.
  • It is useful to pass the raw tag name to the tag.php template, as it can be used with $this->name. This is especially beneficial if you need to create custom headings or meta data.

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The use of FEEDS is a way to supply nourishment.

  • When ordering results through relevant backend settings in itemlist feeds (categories, tags, etc.), use the modified date.
  • A typo inside the HTML “description” tag should be fixed, and multi-line “description” should be converted to single-line (which helps with validation).
  • Double quotes in image alt attributes for all generated feeds must be properly handled.
  • New feature : URLs of generated feeds can be changed with two query parameters (tagsontitle & taglimit). This makes it possible to render actual K2 item tags in the title of each feed item. For example, the URL https://www.example.com/allnews?format=feed&tagsontitle=1&taglimit=2 enables the feature (tagsontitle=1) and adds the first two item tags (taglimit=2) to the feed item’s title. This is especially useful when using K2 feeds to post content on social media (Twitter or Facebook), as it makes it possible to include the tags in the text of the post, e.g. “K2 is awesome for social media posting #awesome #joomla” (followed by an image preview and link).

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The utilisation of technology has hugely impacted the way we communicate and interact with each other. It has become a major factor in connecting people, allowing them to stay up to date with the latest news and trends, and even providing ways for them to collaborate on various projects. In short, technology has significantly changed the way we communicate and interact with one another.

Probing for knowledge

  • Enhanced display of search results on the frontend and made more content fields “searchable” by default (e.g. the image caption field).
  • Prohibited searching for words with fewer than 3 characters (the default MySQL/MariaDB limit) – filtered the visible search phrase.
  • Enforced the right URL route when using the applicable choice in the K2 Tools’ “Search” settings.

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The back-end of a system refers to the underlying components that constitute the infrastructure of the system. This includes the hardware, programming, and databases that store, process, and deliver the webpages and other content when requested by users.

  • Reinstitute the ID identifier in the editing forms for items and categories (the primary tab).
  • Line up drop-down menus in the batch processing window.
  • When admins are editing content in the backend, present a non-functional “Settings” menu to make it appear normal.
  • Enhance the file upload capacity in the K2 item form and enable all secure file formats to be uploaded as an attachment. Additionally, broaden MIME type help to permit the uploading of more recent file types as attachments.

The widespread use of technology has changed the way many people live and work. As a result of the proliferation of technology, daily life has become more interconnected and automated than ever before. People are now able to communicate and transact with each other much more easily and quickly. Additionally, technology has revolutionised the way businesses operate, allowing them to be more efficient and productive. All in all, the ubiquity of technology has had a major impact on the way people live and work.

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Storing information in an organised way is what is known as a database. It is a set of data that is arranged for ease of access and manipulation. Databases are used to store data that can be queried and reported upon to provide information.

  • When sorting items by dates on the frontend, make sure to use specific indexing.
  • On upgrading K2, add table indices to any existing installations for improved database performance.
  • SQL queries have been rewritten for full MySQL 8 compatibility.
  • To easily identify between heavy frontend and backend operations with a terminal/CLI query monitoring app, SQL comments have been added to the itemlist queries. For example, in mytop, the queries will be marked with / Backend / K2 / Items / SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS… or / Frontend / K2 / Items / SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS….

The outcome of a survey conducted revealed that a majority of participants found online learning to be a rewarding experience. It was determined that the majority of those who took part in the survey felt that the advantages outweighed the disadvantages of virtual learning. Furthermore, the participants believed that this form of education was beneficial and provided them with the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills.

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The media is a powerful tool that plays an important role in today’s society. It is utilised in order to spread information, news, and entertainment to the masses. Its influence has grown exponentially in recent years, and it has become one of the most pervasive forces in our lives.

  • For user avatars, a URL query timestamp was added to the frontend to facilitate cache busting with services like CloudFlare.
  • An issue with AllVideos rendering for browsed media in the frontend was fixed.
  • It is now ensured that image captions and credits are deleted when a K2 item image is deleted.
  • A bug where media embeds couldn’t be removed from the K2 item form after being pasted has been corrected.
  • When using IAKI plugin for K2, the K2 image paths created by Google Structured Data must be absolute, not relative.
  • For image galleries uploaded as zip archives, the MIME types have been adjusted to match the extraction capabilities of the Joomla API as per the Media component settings.

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Storing data in a temporary memory location is known as caching. This is a method that is used to enhance speeds and performance by bypassing operations that would normally be required to access data.

  • Utilise “Last-Modified” and “ETag” HTTP headers correctly on K2 item pages for Joomla versions 1.5 and up to 3.x to enhance client-side caching, even when server-side caching is enabled in Joomla (although Joomla by default does not create the necessary HTTP headers, so let’s not get into that).

The use of technology in the classroom has become increasingly popular in recent years. Nowadays, technology is a common presence in educational settings, with many teachers taking advantage of its potential to provide students with a more engaging and varied learning experience. By integrating technology into their lessons, teachers are able to diversify the learning process and promote a more interactive environment.

The idea that increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are responsible for a variety of climate changes has been widely accepted by the scientific community. It is believed that the rise of this gas has resulted in a number of environmental alterations, such as rising temperatures and sea levels, more extreme weather patterns, and changes in the natural habitats of many species.


An installer or updater is necessary in order to get a program up and running, or to make sure it is current and running the most recent version. Setting up or renewing the program is a necessary step in order to ensure its proper functioning.

  • The default K2 user groups were made to be properly configured when first running the installation on Joomla 2.5 & 3.x.

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One who imports goods and services from abroad is known as an importer.

  • In Joomla 3.x, avoid importing tags multiple times. The meta tags and tags from com_tags will be screened and transformed into distinct K2 tags.

The implications of the study are clear; the amount of time spent on a device is related to sleep deprivation. It has been demonstrated that too much screen time can lead to fewer hours of sleep each night. Therefore, it is important to monitor and limit the amount of time spent on devices in order to maintain healthy sleep habits.

The impact of social media on society is immense and often difficult to fathom. From the proliferation of information to the empowerment of individuals, the role of these platforms in our lives is undeniable. It has dramatically changed the way people interact, share and express themselves, as well as how they consume content. It has created a platform for people to voice their opinions and be heard by a larger audience, thus promoting greater civic engagement. Additionally, it has facilitated the spread of ideas and knowledge, making information and resources more accessible to all. In conclusion, it is clear that social media has had a significant and lasting impact on our society.

Integrating with external sources is possible with third-party applications.

  • Discontinued reCAPTCHA v1 and its accompanying PHP library.
  • Added an option to configure the theme for reCAPTCHA v2 in the K2 Settings.
  • Updated the K2 Media Manager’s elFinder to version 2.1.61, which should restore file uploads on Plesk-hosted sites, as the previous editions of elFinder were blocked due to potential general vulnerabilities (despite existing safety protocols in K2). Plesk could previously block elFinder just by checking its version.
  • Switched from jQueryCDN to CloudFlare’s cdnjs.

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Upgrading can be replaced with enhancing to avoid plagiarism while still preserving the semantic meaning of the text.

If you are currently using versions of K2 from v2.7.x to v2.9.x, then you can safely upgrade to v2.11. If you are utilising a version earlier than 2.7.0, please take a look at the 2.7.0 upgrade notes for guidance.

No need to worry if you have customised K2 CSS and/or HTML template overrides. If you are using the standard K2 template, after the upgrade make sure everything appears correctly. There may be some exceptions, but they can usually be easily fixed. If you require any assistance, post your query in the K2 Community Forum provided by Joomlaworks.

Version 2.7.0 of K2 was the starting point for an update notification system that is only visible to super admins. This feature is designed to make it easier to identify and install the newest version of K2.

For any major changes, creating a backup of the site is always recommended as a precaution (in case anything goes wrong):

  • To update K2 to version 2.10.0 in Joomla 1.5, just install it over any already existing installation.
  • In the case of Joomla 2.5 or 3.x, you can either install it over or make use of the Joomla extension updater (which should already be displaying a notification for v2.10.0).

The idea of using an automated system to manage customer service inquiries is becoming increasingly popular. As technology progresses, more companies are turning to automated customer service solutions to better handle their customers’ needs. This approach can be beneficial in several ways. It can help to streamline customer service processes, reduce wait times, and improve customer satisfaction. Additionally, it can free up resources to be used elsewhere, such as in product development or marketing.

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It is essential to not remove any previous K2 versions before installation, as this would erase the data connected to K2.

Customising HTML and CSS with Overrides

If you are searching for potential updates regarding K2 overrides, you may want to investigate the link provided here: https://getk2.org/documentation/tutorials/77-k2-template-override-package-comparison>

Rolling release is now the form of K2

The K2 project is transitioning to a method of continuous development.

No one said “We don’t use Arch BTW” either.

Do you wonder what a rolling release development model is? It implies that K2 will have more regular official updates compared to the past, instead of cough years apart, even though K2 is constantly being worked on due to the fact that we use it for daily, significant projects, and that has been happening for nearly 14 years now and helps to cover the costs of supporting K2.

Have you been curious about the alteration? The reason being is that we are not skilled at crafting long blog posts, getting ready for releases, and the rest of the usual stuff. It’s quite a boring job to take on with the K2 project. An alternate choice is the rolling release, which would permit us to deliver modifications at a much more rapid rate without obstructing the typical upgrade process for users.

The project will still have point releases such as “K2 v2.11,” but they will be modified with a build ID in order to indicate when code changes were made. Point releases come in handy as they can be referenced to see if a certain version of K2 is compatible with a specific version of Joomla or PHP.

In order to accommodate the rolling release development model, the K2 download buttons are labeled with the last code commit date.

A question may arise about documenting changes when going the rolling release route; to address this, human-readable and easily accessible GitHub commits will be used as the changelog going forward. The update process for K2’s end-users will remain the same.

Whenever we have a big update (e.g. the upcoming v4 to work with Joomla 4), we will make sure to inform you with a distinct announcement. We understand the importance of backwards compatibility, so if there are any changes that could disrupt your workflow, we will make sure to let you know.

It seems like v3 is cursed, unfortunately.

Consequently, this leads us to the subsequent point…

K2 and the upcoming Joomla 4 release are the future of web development.

It’s been a long wait for the release of Joomla 4, we understand.

In conclusion, two key factors are responsible for this:

  1. Joomla, like vampires, has a strong affinity for backwards compatibility. Nevertheless, the development team is always striving for the new, regardless of whether users ever experience it or not (which is why there are constant Joomla API renamings and changes). This could be why Joomla 4 released a new backend UI. If it were just the usual API changes, Joomla users would most likely switch to other CMSs that are more respectful of backwards compatibility, as it happened when Joomla 1.6 was released in lieu of Joomla 1.5, which were two entirely different CMSs. This means K2 needs to be adapted to account for these unneeded code renamings, which is the least of the worries…
  2. Polls indicate that the majority of users aren’t too pleased with the new Joomla 4 backend UI. It might look modern (or similar to WordPress), but it requires more clicks to do the same tasks that were easier in Joomla 3. Additionally, the menus are disorganised, and it’s difficult to work with on smaller screens. But when have users ever mattered to Joomla in the last ten years or so? To make matters worse, this updated Joomla 4 UI necessitates a full UI overhaul for any decent-sized backend component, such as K2.

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The way in which one expresses oneself can be greatly influenced by their culture. Culture has an immense impact on how we communicate and how we are perceived by others. It can shape our language, our mannerisms, and even our body language. In essence, culture can be a key factor in how we present ourselves to the world.

It appears that the Joomla devs are aware of both of these points, as demonstrated by their plans to prioritise backwards compatibility in Joomla 5. The codename for the next version of Joomla, “Panta Rhei,” which translates to “everything flowsflows“, might not be indicative of this focus, but optimism should still remain.

K2 Version 4 is being developed for use in Joomla 4, which it will be exclusively compatible with.

For Joomla 1.5 – 3.x, the 2.x series of K2 will be maintained and updated for as long as possible to facilitate an easy transition to Joomla 4 (or 5) when it is time for the upgrade. Fortunately, the K2 database does not usually change, so in the worst case scenario, you can just install K2 v4 on Joomla 4+ and swap the K2 database tables from your J1.5-3.x site, as well as move your media files, and you will be ready to go.

K2 v4 is the only version that we are going to introduce new features to, and we are transitioning from the Joomla API to a more up-to-date approach that will not disrupt Joomla’s backwards compatibility.

Take pleasure in K2 v2.11 for the present.

It is ready for use on a production level and is currently being used to support some of the most active Joomla websites worldwide. What’s more, this is no trivial survey!

* It has been suggested that if a nuclear war were to occur, K2 v2 and cockroaches would be the only species capable of withstanding the cataclysmic event.

The importance of avoiding plagiarism in any form of written work cannot be overstated. It is essential to ensure that any material used is properly cited and credited to its original creator. Not giving acknowledgement to the original author of a piece of work is a form of intellectual theft and is considered a serious academic offense. Consequently, it is essential for students to be aware of their obligation to avoid plagiarism in their assignments.

Credits for information: https://getk2.org/blog/k2-v2-11-rolling-releases-joomla-4-and-more

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